Issue #1 : Promising something again!

Manifestation 01

Promising something again!

Why do we need another journal?
Sublin/mes wants to accord prosperity to philosophical texts, that develop outside, between and underneath the academic realm, by the way of publishing them with low costs, distributing them for free, providing them in public spaces, shipping them around the world etc.

What do we expect from this retro-activism?
Freed from the rampant terror of peer-reviewed-proceedings, which level academic legitimate writing to a globally uniform standard, Sublin/mes will awake again the pleasure with and of the text.
Beyond the claim to be a philosophical glossy magazine, which satis-fies the virtue-appetite of elitist circles in the vein of haute cuisine, Sublin/mes promises unbound, loose stiched, moving, inflam-matory thinking; to hot, to be devoured immediately.
Sublin/mes perceives itself as movement for de- and re-territorializing philosophical writing. It takes affective phenomena and atmospheres seriously within which philosophical ideas develop, it attaches importance to spontaneously forming thinking- and af-fectcommunities, by the way of enabling them to come to words.
Sublin/mes encourages not to run after established territories any longer, which are solidified to institutions, solely because it is “useful”, “important”, “beneficial”.
Sublin/mes is unrivaled, because it invites all readers to found un-derground zines.


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