A liquid Manifesto

What is philosophizing from below and why do we affirm it unconditionally?

Philosophizing from below is affective, bodily, precarious, rhizomatic, cynic, wild, feminine, full of pleasure, poetic, prosaic, horizontal, performative, fierce, tender, abyssal, underlying, sublime, dangerous, erotizing, sexy, magnetic, repellent, sensitive, brute and rough, rhythmic, expanded, disadvantageous, powerful. And still much more.

Philosophizing from below means not to relinquish philosophy to the heads and chairs of “academia” alone but to let it happen and occur everywhere it grows, everywhere it becomes necessary and impulsive, everywhere it brings itself into being and brings imbalance into the balance of academic institutions.

Philosophizing from below wants to release – finally but unendingly – the lust in writing and thinking!

Philosophizing from below shall not colonize the territories of thinking but rediscover and free them, take them seriously, pour them, let them grow and prosper, expose the force-fields of thinking, in which something arises – unplanned, turbulent and subtle. To let it come to expression, to let it become writing.

Philosophizing from below wants to found a new community, which is no “community”, new politics, which are no “politics”, a new economy, which is no “economy”.

Philosophizing from below needs to be independent from publishers, editions and sales volumes. No proposals anymore! Unless to propose to thinking!

Philosophizing from below unconditionally gives space to the desire for thinking.

What is to be done?

Philosophize from below, establish movements, become world… turn IT on!

Aktionskollektiv Philosophieren von unten = AKPhu


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